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Holiday Rentals in Palasca

Ideally located in the Palasca Valley, the Village of Ostriconi offers holiday rentals formulas.

Comfortable accommodation, essential services and attractive touristic attractions await you.

The ideal place for your holidays

If you are looking for a holiday rental in the Balagne region, the village of Ostriconi is the place for you.

Nestled in the heart of a lush and tranquil valley, we offer you a camping site or bungalows equipped with all the necessary comfort and facilities.

All our accommodations have been designed to ensure your comfort and make sure you have the perfect holiday.

You will also offer a wide range of outdoor activities.

An outdoor living space is included in each one of our rentals.

Holiday rentals in Palasca
Holiday rentals in Palasca

Excursions and activities

The Haute-Corse region is a treasure trove of many sites and natural wonders.

Once settled in, you will get the opportunity of discovering each one of these landmarks which are close to the estate. You will even be able to take long walks along the beaches of Calvi, explore the coves of the Balagne region or witness the spectacular scenery of the Aiguilles de Bavella.

Choosing one of our rentals will give you the opportunity to discover the beauty of the region.

Spend a holiday truly immersed in nature.


The Village of Ostriconi offers:

  • A comfortable accommodation
  • A peaceful setting
  • A wide range of activities

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