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In the heart of nature, in the middle of Haute-Corse on the edge of the Agriate, the Village de l’Ostriconi awaits you in all its splendour for a wonderful holiday in this part of France. Choose this destination and enjoy a pleasant and friendly comfort for a stay full of relaxation and entertainment.

The Village of Ostriconi: an ideal place to commune with Mother Nature

If you are planning an unforgettable holiday in Corsica, especially in its northern part, consider going to Balagne to discover the famous Village de l’Ostriconi. Nestled between land and sea to embellish the Corsican maquis, the establishment promises you unique moments during your stay. On site, a change of scenery, relaxation and idleness await you so that you will be more than satisfied on your return. Far from mass tourism and located in a protected site, the Village will be your privileged destination to allow you to melt into an extraordinary nature, making the pride of Corsica.

However, it should be noted that the preservation of this exceptional nature has been specially designed to allow you to indulge in your favourite activities such as sports, horse riding, hiking or fishing. You can also be invited to sea cruise programmes to admire the beauty of Corsica in a different way. Indeed, the incomparable mildness of the climate of this locality is an atmosphere not to be missed so that you can appreciate voluptuous summers, but also stays full of surprises as well in spring as in autumn.

In the heart of the Ostriconi Village, each pitch is well shaded. And if you prefer to stay in a comfortable place, the establishment has many accommodation options such as bungalows or mobile homes. As far as infrastructure is concerned, the Village de l’Ostriconi also welcomes you with many surprises such as its swimming pool where you can swim without leaving the estate. Nevertheless, you will surely be tempted by a small diversions to the famous Ostrcinoni beach which is not far from the Village. Just take the path lined with eucalyptus trees from your accommodation to reach the beach in about ten minutes. If you are a nature lover, you will be surprised by the beauty of the fauna that decorates each path, even to the small river that will surely give you a change of scenery.

Prices of our bungalow rentals

Prices of our bungalow rentals near CalviPrices of our bungalow rentals near Calvi

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Without leaving the estate, you don’t have to travel to nearby towns for your shopping or errands, unless you want to discover these places. Indeed, the Village de l’Ostriconi offers a number of useful facilities such as a restaurant, a pizzeria, a snack bar, an ice cream parlour and even a crêperie. During your evenings, the establishment regularly offers entertainment for the whole family. Not forgetting the grocery shop which will welcome you all day long and even in the early evening so that you will not lack anything once in your bungalow, in your camp or in your room. It is also worth noting that in the Ostriconi Village, it is possible to fish if you like this hobby. The sea, the surrounding ponds and the rocky inlets are not far away.

In the property, the majority of the accommodation is made up of rooms for two  people. For the bungalows, you can choose the studio type with kitchen, perfectly suited for couples or friends, which can accommodate up to three people. There are also bungalows with a veranda and terrace that can accommodate up to five people, ideal if you are a large family.

For your holidays in Corsica, if you choose to stay in Balagne, the Village de l’Ostriconi offers you a wide choice of bungalows to rent. Indulge yourself by choosing one of these holiday accommodations in order to benefit from an optimal comfort for an authentic stay in Haute-Corse. The Village de l’Ostriconi is located a few steps from the town of Calvi. You can choose a bungalow to feel at home. Moreover, there are one or more rooms that will surely meet your needs and your budget.

If you are, for example, a couple, you could opt for a bungalow with a living room, a small kitchen where you can cook your meals. It also has a shower room. As for furnishings, find your comfort with a sofa bed, a sofa bed, a wardrobe, a table and two chairs for you and your companion. On the other hand, if you are a large group of friends or family, you could opt for one of the fully equipped bungalows, which can accommodate up to 5 people.

For this type of bungalow, you will enjoy two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dining room and an open kitchen. However, if you are the solitary type, you can choose the bungalow with only one bedroom.