The tent vehicle on the roof

Location for vehicles with roof tents

Are you looking for a bare campsite for your vehicle adventure with a roof tent? Visit the village of Ostriconi, which offers pitches for a serene and comfortable stay.

Good reasons to choose a campsite

To some extent, wild camping is an economical and fun way to enjoy nature. Despite its advantages, it does not guarantee safety for holidaymakers to have a serene and friendly stay. Moreover, in many resorts there is no parking space for camping. It is therefore preferable to choose a bare site specially equipped for campers. They are secure and free of any dwellings to accommodate travellers with their equipment and pets. The area dedicated to a tenant is defined according to the number of stars the campsite has. It is sometimes delimited by hedges to preserve the space of each person.

Renting a pitch at a campsite also provides a certain level of comfort. These sites often offer additional options (with or without a charge) to make campers’ stay more enjoyable. For example, they can have access to electricity, drinking water and sewage. The campsite may even offer to rent certain equipment such as a refrigerator, linen, bicycles, etc. The highest ranked campsites also organise sports activities, theme evenings, workshops and entertainment to keep campers entertained.

Our pitches for vehicles with roof tents

Located on the edge of the Agriates desert and right next to the beach, the village of Ostriconi offers pitches for vehicles with roof tents on a 4 hectare plot. These bare pitches are located in a natural and untouched setting. They are located in a wooded, spacious and shady area near a pond, a river, the sea and a natural park. Campers can choose their pitches freely.

For the perfect comfort of our guests, our 3-star campsite offers modern, spacious and standard sanitary facilities. We also offer the possibility of renting refrigerators and electrical outlets during your stay. In addition, you can enjoy a variety of activities such as tennis, swimming, horse riding, fishing, sea cruising, hiking, etc. In the central building there are shops and a bar-restaurant where you can do your shopping during the day and into the early evening.

Our facilities are adapted for disabled people. The vehicle pitches with roof tents also allow pets, including dogs.

Better choice of pitch for vehicles with roof tents

There are many things you need to check for comfort when choosing your bare pitch for vehicles with a roof top tent. Choose a shady area: in summer, your tent can become stuffy. So look for a shady spot, no matter where the sun is. This way you will always benefit from the coolness.

Rates for a vehicle pitch with a roof tent

The rates for renting a vehicle pitch with a roof tent on our three-star campsite vary according to the season:

  • The fee per person: 8,50 € to 10,50 €
  • Parking fees per car indoors or outdoors: 2,50 € to 5,50 €
  • Parking fee per motorbike: 3,00 to 4,00 €
  • Dog fee : 3 €
  • Electrical connection 2 amps : 5,50 €
  • Fridge rental: 5,50 €

The Ostriconi village does not take reservations for camping pitches for vehicles with roof tents.

Prices of our pitches for vehicles with roof-top tents

Low and mid season

from 7,50
  • From September to June

High season

from 8,50
  • July and August


From 8,50
  • Per person


From 2,50
  • Indoor and outdoor


From 3,00
  • ---

Electrical connection

  • 2 amps

Fridge rental

  • ---


  • ---