The combi-van and the mini-van

Space for combi-vans and mini-vans

Have you decided to travel by van for your holidays in Corsica? Remember to choose the best location when you arrive at your destination to enjoy your stay in peace. In Haute-Corse, the village of Ostriconi offers a site where you can comfortably set up your combi-van or minivan.

Finding a real camping spot

If you want to use your holiday to recharge your batteries and experience a change of scenery, camping is the ideal option. For a rustic stay, you can spend your nights under the stars. But if you prefer to keep things comfortable, a combi-van or mini-van is the best option. They are equipped with blackout curtains, which you can simply pull down to protect yourself from prying eyes.

To the delight of the adventurous, this form of camping is permitted in France. However, the town halls of large cities restrict parking by municipal decree. In particular, it is forbidden to leave camping equipment on the public highway. For safety reasons, it is also not permitted to stay on certain pitches for more than 24 hours, even if you are allowed to park your van there.

The solution is to choose a bare pitch especially for camping. Without any form of housing, it allows you to install your camping equipment without disturbing others. Moreover, these sites are secure. Depending on their classification, they offer various options to make life easier for campers: connection to electricity, sanitary facilities, mains drainage, etc…

Essential criteria to better choose your site for combi-vans and mini-vans

So that you can enjoy your holiday in your combi-van or mini-van with peace of mind, choose an establishment that offers :

  • A bare campsite with basic equipment;
  • A peaceful location with a good atmosphere, to enjoy quiet, restful nights and pleasant days;
  • An area located neither too close nor too far from the sanitary facilities to avoid being disturbed by other holidaymakers;
  • A site that allows you to be in contact with nature;
  • A shady place that will bring you coolness, especially in summer;
  • A space of sufficient size for your combi-van or mini-van. The area offered depends mainly on the campsite’s classification.

Our pitches for combi-vans and mini-vans

The village of Ostriconi is a campsite classified three stars and notably endowed with a land of 4 hectares near Ile Rousse to accommodate campers. This place is perfectly adapted to park your combi-van or mini-van. To offer you a natural holiday, the place is located in a virgin and preserved natural setting. In the vicinity, campers will find a river, a pond and even the beach. A nature park is just a 1 km walk away.

Each camper will have the opportunity to choose their place in this wooded, spacious and shady area.

Why choose a camping pitch in the village of Ostriconi?

The land set up for camping in the village of Ostriconi promises great tranquillity. It is therefore suitable for families looking for a camping pitch in a peaceful environment. For the comfort of holidaymakers, the campsite offers access to modern, spacious and well-equipped sanitary facilities. The sanitary facilities are equipped in accordance with current standards. After a busy day you can relax in a hot shower. Electricity sockets are also available. All the facilities on site are accessible to disabled people.

The central building is located close to the campsite and has shops where you can do some shopping during the day and into the early evening. There is a bar-restaurant, a pizzeria, a crêperie and an ice-cream parlour offering local specialities to eat in or take away. In addition, a multitude of activities are available to campers within the grounds or close to the campsite: fishing, hiking, horse riding, fitness, weight training, cruising, etc.

Pitch rates for combi-vans and mini-vans

The village of Ostriconi does not offer camping pitch reservations for combi-vans and mini-vans. The rental rates applied depend on the season:

Other fees charged are:

  • Dog fee: 3 €
  • Electrical connection 2 amps: 5,50 €
  • Fridge rental: 5 ,50 €
  • Washing machine : 7,00 €

Prices of our pitches for combi-vans and minivans

Low and mid season

from 9,00
  • From September to June

High season

from 10,50
  • July and August


From 8,50
  • Per person


From 2,50
  • Indoor and outdoor


From 3,00
  • ---

Electrical connection

  • 2 amps

Fridge rental

  • ---


  • ---